What Is an Occupational Health Service?

The ultimate aim of an occupational health service is to protect the health and safety of workers by preventing workplace accidents and ensuring conditions of work that are conducive to their well-being. In addition to promoting safe working conditions, occupational health services can also promote social and psychological wellbeing. They can be provided in workplaces or in nearby health facilities.


An occupational health service has a duty to provide workers with information about hazards at the workplace. This includes training employees about protective measures to protect their health. These include protective clothing and face masks. In addition, they should organize first aid facilities and instruct employees on how to administer first aid. Occupational health services are often involved in workers' compensation claims.


Meridian HealthCare Occupational Services records health data in a confidential file that is maintained by the worker. This information is shared only with the worker's consent. If the worker wishes to share his or her health data with a personal physician, the worker must provide written permission. Conclusions drawn from these health data should not violate the worker's privacy.


In addition to providing health care, Employee Health Assistance service should also provide advisory services to the enterprise. According to the ILO Occupational Health Services Convention, an occupational health service should act as an adviser on ergonomics, collective protective equipment, and substances and materials used in the enterprise. The occupational health service should also be involved in assessing workplace design and planning.


An occupational health service must also be able to evaluate connections between occupational hazards and health impairments. They must also have the ability to recommend control measures based on their findings. This type of consultation can be invaluable in identifying the health risks in an enterprise and identifying priorities for preventive and control measures. This is why most occupational health instruments emphasize the importance of workplace surveillance. Look for more facts about healthcare at http://bmet.wikia.com/wiki/Oklahoma_Association_for_Healthcare_Engineering.


Occupational health services can also perform general health examinations. These health checks are usually voluntary and may be open to the entire workforce or to specific groups of employees. They can be conducted for general health concerns, disease, and other health risks. The main purposes of these health examinations are to determine whether a worker is fit for a particular job. They may also be performed to determine the presence of occupational diseases.

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